It’s very unclear on the majority of exchanges whether US based users are able to buy, sell, trade, or even create an account.
I’m an active trader and leverage the price differences between markets often with info from apps like Coingapp and bots. The info available on which exchanges are accessible to US citizens is not just difficult to find, but often just plain inaccurate.
I want to trade on Binance. I googled whether US users are able to or not and the answer I found was yes. The very first pop up on Binance (which I applaud them for because it’s of the few that are upfront about it) is that certain functions are restricted to users based in this list of countries.
I’m loving what I see here so far. Great alternative to CoinMarketCap and much needed. I’m excited about your service. I’d be more so if I knew right away whether I can even buy this coin that’s gained 350% in the last week though!
How this information isn’t readily accessible baffles me to begin with actually. If I can’t buy, trade, or hold it.. I need to know that!!
Please, please fill this huge gap in available market info.