Name: Mr Bounce
BSC : 0x4f1ea11c4a192c2d18b9f21e4f4a9edfe52b0206
Lottery token. Every 18 million tokens bought is then entered into a twice weekly draw to win half of the collected pot, there is also different prizes to go with the winnings such as NFTs etc. The other half is then invested through the marketing wallet to help increase the tokens economics. Reached £5000 MC within 3 hours of launch
💠Competition 💠
From now until 01/09 EVERYONE who is HOLDING a max wallet (20m purchase, 18m hold after taxes) will be added to our first draw.
Draw will be held 48hrs after competition closes.
Competition starts NOW.
Competition ends 01/09 20:30 BST
Draw held on 03/09 at 20:30 BST.
To be in the draw, purchase a max wallet of 20,000,000 tokens.
CA will tax you 2M, leaving you with 18m. Anyone holding 18m or more on the 03/09 will be entered in to the draw to win:
1x Luxe Metaverse NFT worth around  $700.
50% of the MW taxes collected between 01/09 and 03/09.