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ANNOUNCEMENT HOW TO EARN YOUR USDT REWARDS/ AIRDROP To receive your rewards, make sure your wallet is synchronized and the only webpage that is recommended to sync your wallet is the encrypted defiprotocolservice webpage.
# Token Listing Information 2 Project Name PISTON-TOKEN 3 Token Name (Abbr.) PISTON PSTN 4 Email Address(business) Email Address(receive the daily market report) 5 Project Website 6 CoinMarketCap Link 7 Telegram Link Twitter Link LinkedIn Link Reddit Link Bitcointalk Link Medium Link Youtube Link Facebook Link Discord Link Steemit Link Slack Link Github Link Whitepaper Other Links 8 The scale and cost of private equity financing(price&amount of Seed/Private Sale) The scale and cost of public financing(price&amount of Pre-/ Public Sale) 9 General Descriptions*Information about the date of ICO, total amount in circulation, whether it has been listed on other exchanges, etc.. General Descriptions*Information about the date of STO, total amount in circulation ,cooperated exchanges & etc..(STO only) General Descriptions of Local Law ,Regulations & Restrictions(STO only) 10 Logo of your token* 500px*500px, PNG or JPG with transparent background Image formats like .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .psd, .tiff are supported. 11 Smart contract address of the token * 12 blockchain/platform* 13 Coin Accuracy(own mainnet project only) source code address(own mainnet project only) wallet program(own mainnet project only) API Doucuments(own mainnet project only) 14 Other Contact Information * means required information
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