Introducing WolveZ Finance, the new BSC token listed only 6 days ago and about to be listed on the first exchange!
Amazing community and team behind the project, admin in chat 24/7 to answer questions and they have some great backing behind them.
Supported by Jordan Belfort, the real WOLF OF WALL STREET!
Release Info
🔰Deployment: 19th April 2021
♦️Initial supply: 10 quadrillion.
♦️Token burn: 25% at launch.
♦️Tax: 4% / 2% burn / 2% reward.
♦️Burn function stop: 100 million.
♦️Market supply: 100%
♦️Pre-owned: 0%
♦️All Tx Addresses published.
♦️100% Transparency.
♦️Dev always accessible.
♦️Community owned.
♦️Goal: Universal Digital Investment & Value Storage.
💵 Trade on Julswap or 1INCH, take your advantage before IndoEx listing!
JULSWAP (Works exactly the same as Pancakeswap but MUCH safer!)
1INCH (Works exactly the same as Pancakeswap but MUCH safer!)
Contract: 0xe0b40b32ce117ab66f40951033d1b9c6e5d75ebb
Slippage 8%
✅ Wolvez Finance is being ran as a Limited Liability Company under the Ukrainian company "Damyan LLC." This will give us a huge advantage when applying for exchange listings, later on.
Contact information:
(☎️ Tel.: +380 97 642 93 21
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