Hi and Happy New Year!
We'd like to update the X-Cash page https://nomics.com/assets/xcash-x-cash with up to date information:
#- New Description:
X-Cash [XCASH, XCA] is a community driven project providing the toolbox for the next stage of the web.
The open-source X-Cash Project is developed by the X-Cash Foundation, a non-profit organization created for the sole purpose of managing X-Cash. The project has been funded by the founding team, and there was no ICO. The current development of the cryptocurrency is now payed with the community fund, put in place to reward projects built for the X-Cash ecosystem.
Built upon the reliable and tested Monero, the X-Cash blockchain has evolved to bring new features in the private cryptocurrency space. To become the toolbox for managing privacy on the Web3.0, the blockchain network designed the three following technological pillars:
* Delegated Proof-of-Private-Stake - energy efficient, decentralized, anonymous democratic consensus & governance
* Privacy Flexibility - public/private transactions when needed on the same network
* Sidechains - secured, customizable and economical sidechains directly hosted by the delegates
You can find more information about X-Cash [XCASH, XCA] on https://www.xcash.foundation
#- Add Trading Pairs:
#- Remove Altilly & Tradesatoshi Trading Pairs
Altilly Exchange platform has been hacked and not operating anymore.
Tradesatoshi is closing down.
Thank you very much!