Hello sir,
We would like your assistance to Update ClassicBitcoin CBTC.
CBTC Information to be Updated as follows:
• New Twitter profile https://twitter.com/bitcoin_c
• Removal of Bitibu exchange
• Removal of Deadcoin label as we have been actively trading CBTC on graviex exchange.
About Classicbitcoin:
ClassicBitcoin(CBTC) powers the Next Generation Online Marketplace using AI Solutions and Blockchain Technology to provide High Quality services to Designers, Retailers, Manufacturers and Consumers.
CBTC is a Privacy and Security Focused project. CBTC is also open source and the code is audited by Cryptocurrency experts.
CBTC was built on the Zcash protocol, a leading Security technology with effective privacy features
ClassicBitcoin supports Cryptocurrency adoption, CBTC payment gateway will be used to effectively monetize various services including user networks, internet applications, games, websites…
ClassicBitcoin offers a low-cost, high capacity P2P Payment System.
CBTC Features:
• Secure, Instant Peer to Peer Transactions
• Anonymous Transactions
• Digital Marketplace
More information on ClassicBitcoin CBTC can be found here https://bitclassic.info
Thanks for your assistance.