Lend, supply, borrow and build dApps in a governance protocol ran by the community 💠 www.univaults.io (Site in maintenance, back up in 2-5h).
🏠 Home page : http://univaults.io
🧑‍⚖️ Governance : http://governance.univaults.io
Here you can find our open source code, suggest improvements to our dApps and use the code displayed for the purpose of bug bounty participations.
On our Twitter you will find everything from, recent updates and implimentations to the protocol, giveaways/competitions, partnership and CEX announcements and much much more!
The Telegram account is our main point of contact with our community, here you will be greeted by expert moderators in the main chat and participate in AMAs where you can ask questions and get well and truly involved in our ecosystem.
Videos and explanations of our ecosystem and how to use the various dApps that are available for use on our platform.