Under Current Tokens are a Decentralized & Anonymous Blockchain Instant Messaging System. Users are able to send global encrypted instant messages without having to pay Outrageous International fees or sacrificing private data to your centralized cellular providers. Users can send as little as 0.001 UCS to the proper Wallet Address & add a message in the description then push send, just that simple. Under Currents Cost as little as $0.0000001. We believe people should be able to communicate without limitation, while being able to gain value. Under Current gives you the option of Privacy, when sending instant messages. We help you keep your personal data from Companies, Organizations, & Governments. Through every message is recorded on a blockchain ledger, only the receiver of an Under-Current know who sent it and in some case not even them. Under Currents are secure, faster, and more private than emails, plus every message is a crypto-asset, so you gain value every time a message is received.
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