PTX has launched on the Binance Smart Chain as the first ever sustainable rebase protocol ($PTX) with a 3,632% APY (1.77% daily APR) with a Sustainable emissions model which makes rebases last
ProtocolX is designed to fund all mechanics from outside revenue sources
  • Assure KYC
  • Team fully doxed
  • First sustainable Auto-Compounding protocol
  • Direct share to the company's revenue stream
  • 9+ Partnerships
  • 13/18% B/S tax
Sustainability Variables:
  • Outside Revenue Sources
  • Surplus burn strategy
  • Decreasing APY over time
  • Liquidity Management System
ProtocolX Ecosystem:
  • XSwap (ProtocolX DEX)
  • Web3 website
  • XShare NFTs (Revenue Share)
  • XKeys (Lottery/Burns)
  • Farming and Staking
  • ProtocolX Buy Back (PxBB)
  • Trading Bot Sustainability Mechanism
  • Genuinely sustainable mechanics
…and much more
This project is going to be MASSIVE!
Trusted Doxxed Team on website - Team have done over 30+ AMAs in 2 weeks
Contract : 0x5Ec500C5C6f0a270b633d5D5f0c3b9eB9b041455
Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I’m the community manager- Brandon from PTX.