PengolinCoin (PGO) is a totally community driven cryptocurrency project (No pre-mine, no ICO and no IEO) that uses Cryptonote Technology to make transactions private, anonymous, secure and inexpensive. PengolinCoin [PGO] is a truly decentralized project, GPU/CPU friendly, ASIC resistant and uses the Cryptonight_turtle (pico) PoW algorithm for fast block times. The ease of use and it's privacy and security features make this cryptocurrency the best to use for paying or getting paid by anyone at anytime. PengolinCoin is currently listed on, KuangEx,, and Bitsprox Pro exchanges for trading. PGO has partnered with Crypto Masters and is currently being used by as a payment gateway. PGO is always looking for more people to join it's community. So, come join our Discord and Telegram channels and become a Pengolonian!