Please add Dapp of HXY Business ecosystem HXY Bet to Nomics
Contract Address - 0x9BB6fd000109E24Eb38B0Deb806382fF9247E478
HXY.Bet (HXB) is a gaming/staking ERC20 Token built on the Ethereum Network and was launched 16/06/2020. HXB can gain interest for staking while providing HXY holders who freeze dividends when either ETH/HEX/HXY is transformed to HXB via the HXB Transforms page at the HXY.Business ecosystem here:
HXB was incorporated in Costa Rica. Multiple games will be added over time along with other staking/freezing contracts within the entertainment sector of HXY.Business.
HXB Transforms have been designed uniquely so HXB can only gain value until the max supply is reached. Once max supply is reached the circulating market cap should effectively double. 50% of HXB is locked upon Transforms and will earn dividends until max supply is reached.