Diamond Dogs $DIADOGS - collaborative and creative, Doge and Diamond Hands related Meme offering our holders exciting journey packed with automated rewards and extensive development plan ahead of us.
💠 Here's what's on offer, coming straight out of the box:
🎯 Solid and Verified Smart Contract based on Binance Smart Chain. 🎯 Project launched in Stealth Mode a month ago, meaning that there was no presale nor preloaded wallets. 🎯 Just over 150 holders so be confident you are super early. 🎯 Price Chart looks extremely healthy and uptrending. 🎯 Soft marketing and shills have started, harder push is still ahead of us. 🎯 Ongoing Reward Campaigns for existing holders and newcomers. 🎯 Dev wallet has only 1% of supply, was used only for rewards campaign payouts. At this point in time dev's wallet tokens are worth around 0.5BNB. 🎯 Small, but friendly and supportive Community. 🎯 Initial LP is locked for a month with further liquidity pool token burn. 🎯 Tokenomics is set to deliver best rewards to our users and grow in value via hyperinflationary mechanisms.
🛠Contract features:
4% Automated Holder Rewards a.k.a. Reflections - distributed automatically among all wallets proportionally. The more and longer you hold, the more reflections you get!
4% Added to Liquidity Pool. This helps boosting our LP so token price becomes less volatile to sell orders. In addition, all LP that is added via taxation goes straight to dead wallet a.k.a. burned. That's right, so far around 20% of our liquidity is locked forever and this number keeps growing.
1% of all Trades get Burned. Yes, autoburn is a top feature and we burned around 3% of total supply so far!
1% BuyBack and Burn. This tax is applied everytime token is sold.
2% Marketing Fund. This wallet is tiny at the moment and will start generating only when we pick up decent trading volume.
🧩 Major things in the pipeline we are going to build:
🔹Genesis mint of NFT Collection. Randomly generated NFTs exclusively available to token holders. 🔹Automated lottery draws 🔹NFT Marketplace 🔹Staking and NFT farming 🔹NFT Marketplace 🔹Play to Earn game and mobile app 🔹Merch Store
🦍 Smart Contract: