✅-Your email address - chinazilla@chinazilla.net
✅-Project Launch Date - October 26, 2021
✅-Project Name - Chinazilla
✅-Project Ticker/Symbol - CZL
✅-One liner descriptions- A hyper deflation coin that increases value to the coin.
✅-Detailed Project description (Cryptoasset) -
Chinazilla (CZL) happens to be a BEP20 token that is decentralized on the basis of BSC Blockchain.
Chinazilla (CZL) is a community-driven project.
Chinazilla (CZL) was launched on the 26th of Oct, 2021 with 69,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 CZL tokens created and supplied in total. Chinazilla imply buy tax 10%, sell 12%, for transaction. Tax will go into the burn address and project development fund address seperately. Community will periodically discuss and vote the usage of the development fund to deploy to specific project or send to burn address.
Chinazilla (CZL) is a hyper deflation token as every transaction will burn the tax, and it has burnt 65.5% after launching one and half month. Chinazilla (CZL) is a deflationary token designed to become more scarce over time and increase the price. Chinazilla (CZL) contract has renounced and LP has locked. We are long term and safe project.
Chinazilla (CZL) is an experiment for the world community who is willing to build community with brand-new concept. ChinaZilla (CZL) will form the center-piece of the ChinaZilla (CZL) ecosystem, which includes Swap, Dapp, Gamefi and urban nft sections in the future. Chinazilla (CZL) plans to promote historical cities scene, tourist attractions, culture, customs, cuisine and history of China to the world through various batch of NFTs.
Chinazilla (CZL )has launched the Swap – C-swap in Nov 2021. And will develop China urban NFT series near future. Chinazilla (CZL) plan to launch 1st batch 188pcs NFT - Chuangshi Dragon card in Jan 2021.
Chinazilla (CZL) plan to develop various Dapp to ease the members for tracking, trade crypto and NFTs, staking and earn in crypto world.
As a community driven project, all members all welcome to take part of our future development plan. Over the time, any planned changes will be fully discussed in the community before they are made.
Chinazilla (CZL) was formed by several young software engineer and finance professional from England, China and Malaysia. Most of them from big corporate and running the project voluntary.
The team members only holding less than 3% of the coin for the project. This is to ensure the project meet our priority objective – community driven project.
Chinazilla (CZL) is available for trading on Pancake swap for now but with time it will be listed on many more exchanges so that customers and token holders can handle too. Chinazilla (CZL) aim to list on the top exchanges in the world in future and make known to all crypto investor.
✅-Team/Backers/Investors - CEO:
Joe Chen, master in computer science. He worked as Financial IT Specialist and has five years of experience in the crypto world.
Team Member:
Andy Chen. He has seven years experience in cryptocurrency investment. He runs his own business and joined as team member on his first day of token creation.
Team member:
Andy Lew, a specialist in Finance. He worked as senior manager in big organisations and have more than 20yrs experience. He has over two years experience in crypto world. Lew joined the team one month after token creation.
✅-Traction/Adoption/Partnerships/MVPs/Apps - Our current partner right now is EbizCard corporation
EbizCard is a mobile electronic business card that will change your way to carry your business card. e-Biz Card will make you using your business card more ...For you to make a Purchase of EbizCard, you’ll have to pay through different payment gateways that also includes Chinazilla Token
You can take a look from EbizCard official website… https://ebizcard.net
✅-Country of Origin (where majority of team is located) - England , Malaysia and China
✅-Smart Contract Address - 0x7Fb4ED1B35d8F8638056913BeCe78B8Cd624ca0D
-Whitepaper / Technical Documentation - https://eu.docworkspace.com/d/sIDCX4vp_iY_yjQY
✅-Telegram group link - https://t.me/Chinazilla_official
✅-Total Supply
69,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 has been burned 66%
✅-Circulating Supply - 23,460,000,000,000,000,000,000
✅-Max Supply - 23,460,000,000,000,000,000,000