Armada is a hyper deflationary token with 3 functions, Reflections for holding, our own revamped buyback, and Liquid fees.
Holding $ARMD will give you depreciating fees - Liquid Fees. From buying, your buy slippage will decrease from 10.67% to 0% and your sell slippage will decrease from 20.00% to 0%, both over 30 days.
Armada has a mission goal to create a Decentralized Social Media Platform called Armada Central
where we will bring crypto investor's and crypto projects together in the same space.
Armada also has 2 fully funtional app called Armadaport app where you can view your Decreasing fees anytime you want and much more!
Armada is now Partnered with Everrise and we have renounced our contract throught Everown dApp
Everown for renounced contract: