We're on a moon mission to help save humanity through blockchain-based charity donations generated from every trade of $TROOP.
MISSION: Hit the Moon & Help save Humanity.
When you HODL $TROOP you choose the charities we support while you earn passively with our reflective staking mechanism. We have also implemented Auto LP + Auto Burn + Charity/Marketing wallet.
ROCKET FUEL: How we will hit the moon!
  • Ape Troop governance portal
  • Charity donations that $TROOP holders vote on.
  • NFT's + NFT Farming
  • Marketing
  • Smart contract audits by RD Auditors (Pre-Audit Complete (https://t.me/ApeTroopAnn/6))
  • Plus more catalysts to make you #APE
  • 10% tax on each Buy/Sell transaction split in the following way;
  • 4% Goes to the autogenerating liquidity pool, which creates a rising floor price.
  • 3% of each transaction is split amongst all $TROOP holders in the form of static staking. So just HODL $TROOP and earn more automagically!
  • 2% goes into a Charity/marketing wallet, this ensures we can pay for marketing and donate to charities fulfilling our main purpose to help humanity.
  • 1% will be burned to a DEAD wallet creating a deflationary supply.
Telegram Group: https://t.me/ApeTroop