Alaskan Malamute ($LASM) is a 100% decentralized community experiment and first Meme token in Binance smart chain offering Staking and Yield Farm. The Yield Farm together with Alaskan Malamute (LASM), protecting its price, which will also have burns, buybacks, time locks, and all the security that users required.
With Alaskan Malamute (LASM) the risk of impermanent loss will be reduced, and $LAS holders will obtain profits in the LASM token. Solving the problem of dumps that other DApps have.
Token Name: Alaskan Malamute
Token Symbol:$ LASM
Token Address: 0x0da7193b0f43103b429c52153a8487dd1057aab3
Total MAX supply: 100,000
Market cap: $1,071,094