Iwsp Payment is Technology use Blockchain network TRC-20 Payment gateway is a system that allows customers to pay for products or services using a credit or debit card. It's a safe and easy way for customers to manage their payments online, and it also makes the checkout process easier for merchants.
Payment gateways work by connecting to a credit card processing system, which verifies a customer's credit card information and confirms that there are sufficient funds in the account to cover the cost of the purchase. Payment gateways are also responsible for encrypting customer credit card information so that it cannot be read by other parties when it is transmitted over the internet.
Payment gateways can also provide a variety of additional features, such as integration with sales systems, integration with mobile payment systems, and support for multiple currencies. Some payment gateways also provide support for payments using digital currencies, such as bitcoin.
Payment gateway is also an important part of the online payment security system. They use various methods to prevent fraud and fraud, such as verifying customer addresses and phone numbers, checking customer IPs, and checking name and credit card number matches.
To use a payment gateway, sellers must be registered with one of the available gateways. The registration process usually takes several days and may require sellers to provide information about their business, including contact details, financial details, and other legal documents. Once registered, merchants can set up their online store by adding a "buy" or "checkout" button to their website, which will redirect customers to a payment gateway page to enter their credit card information.
Most payment gateways charge a transaction fee or commission for every payment made through their gateway. This fee is usually charged to the seller, so it must be calculated in the selling price of the product or service. There are also some payment gateways that charge an annual or monthly fee to use their services. SPESIFIKASI IWSP TOKEN
Nama Token : Indrawsp Payment
Symbol : $IWSP
Contract :TNcvUX3P4fjspVLk14dxyNw5QzvTqHy3us
Total Supply :
Decimal : 6
Network : TRC – 20