ADACatto, aka, $ADAC is an insider vetted BSC token that rewards our fellow ADAC holders with Cardano ($ADA).
ADAcatto Tokenomics:
9% ADA rewards
4% Marketing
3% Liquidity
Total Supply: 100B
Max sell per tx: 500m
Max buy tx: 1B
Max wallet: 1B
ADACatto Safety Features:
⁃ The contract has the option to change the ADA Reward fee, but also a security mechanism to make it at least 6%.
⁃ The marketing fee can’t be set higher than 7%.
⁃ The liquidity fee can’t be set higher than 12%.
⁃ The contract has a MaxSellTransactionAmount function. To avoid any malicious activity, it can’t be set lower than 100m ADACatto
⁃ We implemented anti-bot measurements. Bots that are detected get taxed 79% in total. 50% goes to ADA rewards, 25% to liquidity and 4% for marketing.